Askham Bryan Cricket Club has been competing in one form or another for roughly 100 years. There have been no records kept and we rely solely upon the memory of some of the older inhabitants of the village. One villager recalls his father playing for the club and believes the team probably started around the turn of the 20th century. There is evidence of a trophy being won in 1921 – The Hessay & District League.

The team originally played down Cat Lane behind Askham Hall and this was a good site, centrally placed for people to come out and watch and have a chat. In the early 1960s this field was sold for housing which was a sad loss as the team had to move to a field outside the village.

By 1966 Askham Bryan moved to an excellent cricket pitch at Askham Bryan College, where we played until 2014. We moved to playing at the University of York until 2018, and we will play our home fixtures at Acomb Cricket Club from the 2019 season onwards.

In the early days the team would be made up no doubt entirely of villagers – Askham Bryan and Askham Richard combined. Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Uncles, even Grandfathers playing alongside one another: people who were farmers or helped on the farms in the main.

Today the team is a mixture of people that are related in some way to Askham Bryan or the current players. We still have people that live, or have lived, in the village in the team, including people from other local villages (such as Bilbrough). Since moving to the ground at the college, the team has been lucky enough to get students and staff from Askham Bryan College to also play for the team.

We are also happy to take on any keen players who would like to play for the club – a number of our players travel from much wider afield to play for the team. Visit our section on playing for the club if you’d like to join in!

This page is based upon a history of the club from the original Askham Bryan website, updated by Albert in 2009.