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Ovington II vs Askham: Match Report Podcast

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Ovington II beat Askham Bryan by 3 wickets

Terrible weather, fantastic game and a really close finish in our first match of the season. A big thank you to Ovington for being such great sports. Want to hear more? Listen to the match podcast below.

(MP3 format).

Join us for nets – March 17 onwards

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Pre-season nets for the club are coming up very soon – the first one is on 17 March 2016. We’re keen for as many players as possible to attend and our first net is free of charge! Come and join us – details of the nets are below:

  • Mar 17, 19:30-21:30
  • Mar 24, 19:30-21:30
  • Mar 31, 19:30-21:30
  • Apr 7, 19:30-21:30

The nets take place at the University of York Sports Centre.

2015 Awards winners

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

The club had a fantastic 2015 awards dinner in February 2016 at the Star Inn The City, York. There was intense competition for awards, but I’m pleased to announce our winners were:

  • Young player of the year: Fraser Strachan
  • Batsman of the year: Parag Mohite
  • Bowler of the year: Peter Wood
  • Player’s player: Parag Mohite
  • President’s Trophy: Ali Hogben

Congratulations to all our winners, and a big thank you to Chairman Mark Grewer for organising such a great evening.

It’s now less than three weeks until our first net session (Mar 17, 7:30pm). Please come along and bring your friends!

Nets 2016

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Pre-season net dates for the club have now been arranged as:

  • Mar 17, 19:30-21:30
  • Mar 24, 19:30-21:30
  • Mar 31, 19:30-21:30
  • Apr 7, 19:30-21:30

The nets take place at the University of York Sports Centre. All are welcome, whether you’re a current club member or if you’ve not played for us before and would like to give it a go. We’re actively recruiting for players this season and would be delighted if people would come and join in.

The first net you attend is free of charge! Subsequent nets are £5 per net.

80 Not Out Documentary

Friday, January 8th, 2016

An excellent documentary about former Askham Bryan CC captain and all round legend Geoff Deighton has just been released.

The documentary is called ’80 not out’ and focuses on Geoff’s 65 year (and counting) career in cricket. It’s a great film, and also features some lovely footage of Geoff playing on loan for Askham Bryan in our game against Wheldrake in 2015.

View the documentary here:

2016 and beyond…

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

I’m delighted to report that the York Vale League accepted the club’s application to play for the 2016 season. Thank you to all Vale League clubs who unanimously supported our application.

I’m also pleased to announce a few details for next season. We will be playing again at the University of York at their wonderful pitch on 22 acres. The club has also elected a new committee:

  • Chairman: Mark Grewer
  • Captain: James McCullough
  • Vice-Captain and Treasurer: Chris Copeland
  • Secretary: Ian Hall
  • Welfare Officer: Steve Horne
  • Social Secretary: Adrian Stipetic

The club is actively recruiting during the off-season; if you would like to play for us, or know somebody that might, please get in touch!

Ian Hall, Secretary

Save the club: attend our AGM

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Askham Bryan CC forfeited three games this season, and fielded teams of 8, 9 or 10 players (sometimes with the assistance of loan players) on several other occasions. We have been asked to re-apply to join the league for next season, and the league have asked us to form plans to secure the club’s long term future.

To keep the club running,  the committee need the support of every club member. In the first instance, we would like all club members to attend the AGM:

Date/Time: Friday 23rd October, 7:30pm
Location: Brigantes, Micklegate, Upstairs function room

We need as many club members as possible to attend (whether you played this season or not). Please email Ian or if you can attend.

On a positive note, we plan to make an evening of it, and hope as many club members as possible can stay out afterwards for a drink or two.

Ian Hall

Secretary, ABCC

Askham Bryan vs Heworth

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Askham Bryan CC V Heworth CC, 8th August 2015

By David Sladen

In a season of resounding victories (and the occasional resounding defeat), here was yet another for the pinkcaps. Last week’s victory at Stillingfleet was just about sealed the moment Parag ran out his opening partner in the second over hit the 6th ball of the match for six. This one could be sensed even earlier. Heworth, by their own admission, were severely weakened. Rumour has it they had requested, via the club secretary, that they be spared the Full Force of The Grewer. Little did they know that The Grewer was sidelined this week, resting tired eyes after his…..watchful innings last week.

That said, Captain Ali betrayed one of the first rules of successful captaincy – do what the opposition would least want you to do. So despite Heworth’s polite requests to be allowed to bat first to spare an unpleasant afternoon for some of their inexperienced youngsters, Ali did precisely this. Praying he had not been cruelly duped, heaven knows the anguish he must have been going through as he returned to the dressing rooms. Temperatures were up, the pitch looked benign, Askham’s top order sniffed runs and the Clarets had just kicked off. How would he sell this? Answer: as some kind of ‘the people first’ spin. The tabloids would describe this as Corbynist lurching (because that’s the only way apparently) to the left.

Unfortunately what followed was less than 50 overs of rather uneventful cricket. Ali had not been duped by the opposition, and they were indeed significantly under strength. However, as always with Heworth their spirit, determination and attitude could never be questioned. Askham’s bowling was solid, their out cricket (my favourite current cricket buzz word) efficient and catching effortless. Wickets steadily fell from the second over. Lord Seymour did his famous name proud with a typically opportunistic spell of bowling (4-26). Wickets would also fall to Tom, Raj, Prasath and Alistair. Smart catches were taken by Sladen, Speakman, Mohite and Prasath. Dr Dale continued his good form with 2 stumpings. Though his cruel stumping of a pre-pubescent cricketing novice first ball will surely haunt him for years to come. Despite some hard hitting resistance from Rymer (65) were bowled out for 95 in 24 overs. With smarter heads, Heworth could easily have batted round him and set a more competitive target. This was 5 overs longer than an international cricket team managed a few days earlier. A note though on our captain again. Some would argue that the art of good leadership is self-preservation. Clearly, Ali is in full agreement as he brought himself on for two overs up against essentially an U13s tail end. Retuning figures of 2-0, but like Dale, no doubt already suffering nightmares at surrounding an 11 year old number 11 with 9 fielders in pursuit of a hatrick. *

This week’s tea left me in a quandary. The cheese sandwiches were free from foreign objects, but they were (un)accompanied with a disappointing lack of variety and volume. Or maybe, I was spoilt by my experience at Stillingfleet? Surely not.

Parag and Sladen opened up as usual. They began in their usual positive style, stealing plenty of quick runs and the odd boundary. Reports of noise disturbance were apparently made to North Yorks Constabulary on account of the volume of Sladen’s calling between the wickets. No idea why. Despite both looking comfortable and the score racing along at 6 an over, both would perish in their teens trying to play shots like Joe Root – Parag bowled pulling off a length, Sladen playing on trying to pull from outside off stump. Speakman and Ujwal steadied the ship. In all honesty at this point, with a very early finish well on the cards and the opportunity to score some family points (invaluable during the cricket season), I opted to take care of the washing up so as to allow a swift exit upon victory. So I didn’t really see much of the remaining action. Needless to say Speakman and Ujwal safely saw Askham home with 8 wickets and 16 overs to spare in a serene fashion, befitting of today’s action. Speakman ended 40 not out and Askham were home and hosed by 5.15pm. A quick game’s a good game.


*The author in no way endorses the generous soft cricket these comments suggest. Rather, an uneventful game on and off the field, offered up very little noteworthy action!

Stillingfleet vs. Askham Bryan

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Stillingfleet vs. Askham Bryan CC, 1st August 2015

By Peter Wood

(Editor’s note: a couple of historically accurate but possibly risqué references have been replaced with “….”, where the reader is invited to use their own imagination)

The Grewer was awoken by Faron on match day as requested.  Saturdays wakeup call involved Faron gently massage the various areas of TG’s body which are carrying injuries.  As Faron worked his way around The Grewer’s body he would whisper phrases to inspire the great man.  As TG stirred Faron was working on his hamstring “this is one of the most powerful muscles in your whole body, it will not fail you, not today, not ever”.  TG’s achilles was next “this will not be your weakness; it will power you to many victories, both today and your upcoming ironman.”   While Faron worked on TG’s …. (which was not injured but a crucial part of the wakeup call) TG asked Faron to keep the ironman a secret from his cricket team mates.  Faron looked confused but The Grewer reminded him that TG did not like to discuss any ironman in front of people in case they felt intimidated.

The morning weather was perfect for cricket but as The Grewer was cruising to the ground the weather started to change.  The Grewer assessed the wicket from the car and deemed it as bowler friendly.  Upon his arrival TG graciously acknowledged two of the Stillingfleet players.  The Grewer saw the look of fear in their eyes as one made a quick apology to the captain and collected his things and the other made his way to the bathroom.  The Grewer entered the changing room to the normal round of applause. TG then let some of his ‘teammates’ pat him on the back and shake his hand.  After a liberal application of sanitising hand cream TG slipped on the grey slip and waited for the results of the toss.  Stand in captain Chris Copeland returned to the changing room with news of a win and that he had taken the positive move to have a bat on the bowler friendly wicket.  Chris informed the side that Stillingfleet were starting with nine but were hopeful of ten if they could persuade a player to open the bathroom door.

The Grewer turned his hand to manual labour as he demanded to change the scoreboard at the end of each over.  The Grewer watched Parag and Dave S open the innings, both were keen the impress The Grewer and ensure he was able to fulfil his work to the highest standard by scoring quickly.  The Grewer would check with scorer Dale at the end of each over but this was a formality as TG had been keeping an immaculate metal scorecard.  DS was the first wicket to fall, TG’s scorecard read ran out but it was widely accepted that Dave’s motivation to be close to The Grewer was higher than his want to bat.  TG rewarded Slayer with brief conversation about his innings and allowing him to listen to TG tell anecdotes of his greatest achievement.  The fall of wicket brought Speakman to the crease, the following over provided some excellent rain broken entertainment.  The Grewer was engaging his ‘teammates’ with riveting conversation and updating the scoreboard with ease.  The Grewer accurately nudged the board round as Parag passed 50 then 100.  TG was also dominant when Adrian passed his 50 by revealing the state of the game with precise scoreboard management.

Parag, clearly motivated by TG watching on, was scoring quickly, passing his previous best score (137).  Parag reached 150 within 27 overs with the team total on 226.  After a few more blows Parag’s motivation to see The Grewer bat outweighed his own want for a double hundred and he fell for 170 off 87 balls.  Stillingfleet were broken, they knew that all that had gone before was inconsequential as The Grewer popped in his XXXL box and marched out to the middle.  TG took guard and had a look at the pitch, on inspection his early suspicions were correct; this track was bowler friendly.  The Grewer, feeling the expectation of his teammates knew this was a pivotal point in the game.  The Grewer had to fight his natural instincts to demolish the opposition attack and outscore Parag because TG knew that a batting collapse now, would hand the game to Stillingfleet.

At the other end Adrian’s inexperience was evident as he started to up the scoring rate, scoring runs freely, around the ground, including a six.  The Grewer stepped in to take control of the situation by taking the majority of the strike and protecting his junior partner.  The Grewer proceeded to play the most important innings of the game, as he consolidated the Askham position with a hard fought 6 off 24 balls.  Skipper Copeland, witnessed the irresponsible Speakman batting and after another Speakman boundary felt it was safer to declare than hand the opposition the advantage.  Askham finished on 302 off 35.4 overs; Speakman ended up on a reckless 100 not out.

The Grewer expertly selected the correct amount of carbohydrates, protein, salts and sugars from the buffet.  The team were upbeat after their first half performance but TG educated his ‘teammates’ on a finer performance at Westow.  This game took place on an unplayable pitch where TG single handily guided the team to 273 scoring a hundred before the opposition was dismissed for 54.  The team agreed that TG was correct and they had probably underperformed in light of The Grewer performance at Westow.

The Grewer led the fielding practice before the Stillingfleet response.  TG felt good in his new whites. TG asked Faron to take them in a little around the crouch area to emphasis TG’s massive …..   This was evident by the first ball as Woody mistook The Grewer’s package for a set of stumps and bowled directly at them…wide ball.  Motivated by the testosterone seeping from TG, Askham started well.  TG was positioned at slip, although this is a catching position the main aim was to intimidate the non-striking batsman.  The risky plan produced instant results with TJ striking early.  The flip side resulted in ‘wides a plenty’ by the innocent open bowler, who was indirectly in the firing line of The Grewer intimidating, …. heavy frame.  The opening bowling pair battled successfully against the presence of TG at slip and Stillingfleet were 5 down for 48.  TJ with three, Wood with two.  Captain Copeland smelt victory and turned to Rob S and Ian H (from the field end) to see the team home.  Rob delivered an accurate line and length beating the bat often.  Hall countered this by offering up a variety of flight and length.  The Grewer was a constant physical display to the opposition as he sprinted to his fielding positon between overs.

The pressure applied by TG proved too much for all as Stillingfleet attempted to dispatch Hall to Cawood.  The plan laid down by Hall did require some boundaries to be scored but this was ‘a means to an end’.  Four Stillingfleet batsman felt to this mode of dismissal and Hall revelled in his own mastery.  Rob mopped up at the ‘other field end’ and returned figures of 5-1-6-1.  Motivator Copeland led the handshakes and headed the team to the changing rooms.  Silence fell as CCC summarised the game “the most clinical performance in Askham Bryan history”.  TG disagreed and referred to the Westow game.  The team agreed with TG.  Thanked The Grewer for his great performance and awarded him the man of the match award.  TG accepted the award, noted the performances of Parag and Adrian but agreed his 6 off 24 balls was the turning point in the game.

Askham Bryan vs South Cave

Monday, July 13th, 2015

ABCC vs South Cave and Brantingham (11/07/2015)
By Alistair Hogben

As the sun shone on another game of cricket for Askham Bryan, optimism was high as ABCC continue to march ruthlessly towards the league summit and promotion. Would this game be any different than the succession of dominant victories that had followed previously?

Skipper Hogben was in fine form, having decided to field a full eleven players for this fixture, just to be safe, he successfully fooled the opposition captain into calling incorrectly and promptly chose to bat on a good wicket. With the time at 1.20pm and numbers 2,4 and 6 in the batting order yet to arrive at the ground due to traffic this appeared to be an inspired choice.

With a minute to go and Hogben all ready to open up with Slayer, Parag Mohite arrived and was promptly told to pad up quickly so he could open. Exhausted from having to don his pads so quickly, he offered Slayer the chance of first ball, which he accepted. Everything was coming together and it now looked like the skippers choice to bat first would pay dividends.

This feeling lasted precisely one ball.

Slayer, in top form with bat and returning after a short lay off decided that he wasn’t quite ready to take part in the game and was promptly bowled by the first delivery of the match. At least he would go on to play a significant part in the game, but more on that later…

Hogben joined Parag and struck a majestic and fluent 15 before finding mid off with the score on 21 and the overs on… 3. Ujwal, playing his first home game in some time then supported Parag before himself and Sideshow both departed to leave Askham teetering on the brink at 60-4 in the tenth over. Sideshow was particularly livid, though no one was entirely sure why.

Scoring quickly but seemingly bemused by the seemingly large number of overs that we clearly didn’t need, the Askham batting order had decided to simply score quickly and save some time. But nobody had told this to Mr Wood.

He very capably watched from the other end as Parag amassed all the runs, scoring 137 with apparent ease. Content to give the strike to Parag and watch the fireworks, Mr Wood stylishly propped himself up with his bat at the non-strikers end as Parag destroyed everything that came his way.

Finally, apparently due to finally being bored, both Mr Wood and Parag departed to provide the opportunity for late batting cameos, with special mention to Fraser Strachan who performed admirably despite Parag trying to steal the strike off him as much as possible. Some would say it was a little greedy, but in fairness Parag had only scored 110 by this point…

Finishing on 227-7, tea was an all-round merry affair, with the usual provisions of banter and humour supported by a fair spread and an amusing anecdote regarding Mr Stipetic’s latest mishap. The lack of milk failed to dampen the affair and was not in any way anyone’s fault…

Having set a challenging target, Askham were determined to finish off the job, optimised by none other than our very own Slayer insisting he now would play his part in the game… And my word would he do that…

Opening up with Tom Jaros and Mr Wood, Askham were quickly amongst the wickets, with Tom and Woody both picking up an early strike. Hogben, keeping wicket in the absence of post grads and philosophers in the XI, inspired the troops by letting them know there were only 8 more to go.

What was to follow was nothing short of spectacular.

Slayer, freshly inspired, got himself in the game and immediately let a catch fly over his head at mid off. Determined to make an impact, he proceeded to receive the ball and return it to the bowler with remarkable accuracy every time he was called upon. Further to this, he was everywhere, making a single important stop to a drive that may have made it just off the square had he not been there.

Meanwhile, in the shadows of this fine, match winning performance, Woody also took a hat-trick including Sideshow taking a catch at slip that he was more surprised and terrified about that the rest of the team combined… at least judging by his facial expression.

Furthermore, clearly inspired by Slayer’s performance, Rob Seymour inexplicably decided to run someone out with a direct hit. Forget about South Cave, Askham themselves were stunned by the ruthlessness of this performance.

What remained was a formality. Slayer rounded off his performance admirably, receiving praise from all as he remained the focal point and fulcrum of Askham’s performance, inspiring all around him to higher and greater things.

Jamie Holliday and Rob Seymour mopped up the tail, clearly looking to emulate the same contribution made by Slayer, and ensured that the Askham win was concluded in double quick time, with the opposition all out for 65 inside 17 overs.

With a century, a hat-trick and five-for, as well as a number of excellent catches and fielding performances, it was clear to all however that the Man of the Match award could only go to one Askham stalwart who had inspired the team to new heights.

Despite his failure to attend the post match gathering in the pub, all raised a glass to Askham’s inspirational performer, The Slayer, delivering the type of performance that some can only dream of.

ABCC march on, and the question is, “can anyone stop them?”
Not if Slayer has anything to say about it.