Player Profile: James McCullough

Name: James McCullough


How would you describe yourself as a cricketer?

Fast bowler and powerful batter (slogger)


Your top 5 international cricketers of any era

James Anderson, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, Fred Trueman, Rahul Dravid and Dale Steyn.


Your favourite Askham Bryan CC moment to date

Several years ago playing away at Westow. Lovely and rather small ground surrounded by fields and beautiful Yorkshire countryside (definitely the best ground in the league). We bat first and amass a total of around 250 runs. Mark ‘The Grewer’ Grewer gets a century. This turns him into a grinning and gloating git. Myself (4 wickets) and Pete Wood (5 wickets)(the opposing team were only playing with 10 players) dismantle their batting line up for 30 odd runs. Win by like 220 runs. Walk off the field into the changing room and someone (Dave ‘The Slayer’ Sladen I think) mentions that we didn’t need Mark and his pointless century. Everyone agrees quickly amid the hearty laughter.


Your best Village Cricket Tea experience to date

North Cave. Not even close. Pasta bakes, cheese board and lots of other amazing components.


Your personal cricketing highlight

Two matches ago when I scored my first half century in Cricket (60 off 31 balls).


Anything else you’d like to share with the world…

I am currently the club captain.

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