Player Profile: Adrian Stipetic

Name: Adrian Stipetic


How would you describe yourself as a cricketer?

A would have been, could have been but not decent leg spinner and batsmen renowned for looking good, playing the odd aesthetically pleasing shot, but getting self out before cashing in


Your top 5 international cricketers of any era

  1. The Grewer.
  2. The Grewer.
  3. The Grewer.
  4. The Grewer.
  5. Paul Collingwood – epitomised graft and getting the most from talent to be the best you can be. Such a gutsy performer, a top batsman, a mighty fine one-day bowler, one of the greater ever fielders, an insightful captain, and a teeny little bit if ginger. Such wretched misfortune to be born on the same planet in the same era as The Grewer and to miss out on a top four spot.


Your top Askham Bryan cricketers of any era

  1. The Grewer – no explanation needed.
  2. Ian Hall, particularly when bowling in the nets.
  3. Woody when fired up.


Your favourite Askham Bryan CC moment to date

I enjoyed the year we struggled in Div 1 but had the odd exquisite performance, like when everyone had a good game against Burn. Really enjoyed the Cup victory over Fulfordgate last season – everyone chipped in and always great to win a tight game when in the field. But to be there when TG hit the ton against Westow. One of the great moments in British sporting history and I was there.


Your best Village Cricket Tea experience to date

I like a tea with a hot food possibility and a range of cake.


Your personal cricketing highlight

5 wickets in 5 balls

2 Responses to “Player Profile: Adrian Stipetic”

  1. Albert Says:

    Collingwood…good choice! The comparisons between he and the Grewer are endless…

    …but the Grewer will always win.

  2. Jamie Says:

    “Ian Hall, particularly when bowling in the nets.”
    This makes me want to change my answer. Genius

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