Player Profile: Dave Sladen

Name: Dave Sladen


How would you describe yourself as a cricketer?

Failed at bowling, failed at captaincy, failing as opening batsmen.


Your top 5 international cricketers of any era

MP Vaughan (was once a guest in my house)
MJ Hoggard
CP Schofield  (a distant relative)
ID Austin
DE Bollinger  (Simon Walton lookalike)


Your top Askham Bryan cricketers of any era

4x any Grewers who may don/have donned the pink cap.


Your favourite Askham Bryan CC moment to date

Chris Copeland taking a superb one handed, ankle high catch at Kelfield, and the ensuing Gazza Euro 96 dentist chair like celebration.


Your best Village Cricket Tea experience to date

North Cave


Your personal cricketing highlight

Giving Ali out LBW.


Anything else you’d like to share with the world…

Running between the wickets? Like pursuing a lady, the thrill is in the chase.

3 Responses to “Player Profile: Dave Sladen”

  1. Albert Hall Says:

    A top start from the Slayer!

    ‘Failing as opening batsman’ says the man who scored a fluent, graceful 38 on a slow wicket at Stillingfleet, heckled by one of the largest crowds of Jersey Heifers we’ve played to so far! 66.7% successful catching ratio this weekend too…

  2. The Copeland Says:

    My idiocy is The Slayer’s favourite ABCC moment?

    My work here is done. It doesn’t get any better than that…

    Except it does. When giving Ali out LBW. He Loves Those!

  3. Stipetic Says:

    I remember that Kelfield game very well. It was an incredible few hours in the field and in the bushes searching for balls. Crucial catch.

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